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Understanding the Value of Content Creation

The power of content should never be forgotten – take advantage of our content marketing services to provide rich content for your site, social media, and other platforms.

We provide content which not only appeals to your target audience but also to the search engines and help you rank higher in results.


Staying relevant with the content to meet a searcher’s needs may sound simple, but is rarely pulled off on many sites. Marketing Mania has the expertise to provide the right content, at the right time, for the right user.

Content Marketing | Marketing Mania

Content Marketing Service Includes

Website Content

Engaging Blogs

Video Content

Social Media Posts

Recent Blogs

Marketing Mania Employs Exceptional Practices Such As:

Client Interview

" No Two Companies Are Similar"

Initial Consultation is essential to understand the company, its requirements and determine the goals for Online Marketing to attain great results.

Client Interview | Marketing Mania | Online Marketing Services in India
Keyword Analysis & Optimization | Marketing Mania | Online Marketing Services in India

Keyword Analysis & Optimization

"How Do You Want to Appear on Search"

A list of relevant keyword phrases that are searched out by potential customers. We use your input on what your most important keywords are, then expand that list by checking that list against the search engines’ databases of actual keyword searches. This research allows us to target the right keywords that will actually drive customers to your website.

Content Creation and Targeting

"Engage With Your Audience the Right Way"

With the keywords chosen for your website, we will modify the content to include important keyword phrases in the right places such as the Meta Tags, Header Tags, Link URLs, Alt text. This allows search engines to find your site for your selected keywords. We will also monitor keyword-related searches and make recommendations for additional topics to include on your website to boost your web traffic.

Content Creation | Marketing Mania | Online Marketing Services in India

Link Building to Related Websites

Link Building | Marketing Mania | Online Marketing Services in India

"Getting Relevant Traffic the Best Way"

Receiving Links from other websites are vital for high rankings in search engines. We gather links to your website from various sources and submit your site to categories related to your business in all the major web directories. Then we submit your website to additional niche directories including local and industry-specific sites. Additional links are gathered from press releases, blogs, articles and other sources. Link building is ongoing and has to be done continually to stay ahead of the competition.

Goals and Metrics

"Analysis is The Key to Quality Traffic"

Traffic to your website is closely monitored, paying close attention to where the traffic is coming from and which keywords are taking people to your website. We are able to analyze the effective and relevant keywords that generate leads or sales and adjust our search engine optimization tactics to focus on the most productive keywords.

Goals and Metrics | Marketing Mania | Online Marketing Services in India

Take Your Brand's Digital Presence to Next Level Now :)

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